WackoWiki localizations

This is WackoWiki, and there are some good news for you:

  1. WackoWiki supports as many language schemes as you dare to write to.
  2. For now we already have twelve of them listed below:

WackoWiki language files are separated from code and stored in a special folder, so called “lang”. If you untar/unzip installation pack, you will surely find one. There, in that very folder, you`ll find wakka.en.php, wakka.ru.php & some more files for other languages (one at the writing time).

If you want to create your own language scheme, perhaps for Finnish or Esperanto or maybe even Klingon (who bother?), you will need to perform next two simple actions:

  1. Copy one of the existing schemes (that one you most familiar with) to a new file (wakka.fi.php for Finnish, for ex.)
  2. Open your newly created file and edit it, changing values after "=>" into something meaningful in target languages. (oh, it would be a time sink)

When finished stage 2, your language scheme is complete & it will automatically appear in your /User Settings as a choice for language.

If you want to use your language scheme as default in your Wacko installation, simple change this line in your wakka.config.php

"language" => "fi",

Note that if you want to have installer of WackoWiki works with your language, you also need to translate setup/lang/inserts.en.php and 

If you are done creating scheme for language not yet listed on this page, it would be great & honorous to  your language file (wakka.fi.php according to upgoing example) — so we could add one more language into installation pack and make WackoWiki one step more international.

The easiest way to create a new language scheme is to copy an existing (see SVN) one and edit it.
and be sure to check if it doesn't already exist (on this page)

Thank you for reading this boring page completely.

P.S. For some curiousity, emails:

P.P.S. Thanks again and sorry for my clumsy English.