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= array(
"TestPHPVer" => "Checking the PHP version ...",
"TestPHPVerFailed" => "If you please, you will renew PHP. <br>minimum version - 4.1.0 <br>recommended - 4.3.4",
"TestZendOpt" => "Checking the presence of Zend Optimizer...",
"TestZendOptFailed" => "It is necessary to establish Zend Optimizer",
"TestPHPSessions" => "Functional test of sessions...",
"TestPHPSessionsFailed" => "if you please, nastroyte <tt>php.ini</tt> on the support of sessions ",
"TestLocale" => "functional test «local»...",
"TestLocaleFailed" => "if you please, you will establish in the operating system of your server support to the Russian locale. It is desirable so that lokal' would be ru_RU.CP1251. You will be turned to the administrator of your server for help.",
"pleaseConfigure" => "if you please, nastroyte your future knot NPJ below.",
"fresh" => "since the program of installation did not reveal the tracks of the existing installation NPJ, probably, this new installation, and not renovation. You intend to establish NPJ ",
"note" => "to <b>YOU WILL TURN THE ATTENTION:</b> The program of installation will attempt to write down tuning into the files of <tt>config_tunes.php</tt> and <tt>config_db.php</tt>, raspolozhenye in the root of folder, in which you establish NPJ. So that everything would pass successfully, udostover'tes', which has a Web server sufficiently rights for changing these files! If we for some reason or other this it is impossible dostich', for you it is necessary to change these files by hand.<br /><br />",
"mysqlHostDesc" => "Host (hostname), on which DBMS works -MySQL DATA BASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Usually it  \"localhost\".",
"mysqlHost" => "MySQL host",
"dbDesc" => "the base data mySQL, which must use NPJ. This data base already must exist!",
"db" => "MySQL DB ",
"mysqlPasswDesc" => "the name of user and password for the access to DB MySQL.",
"mysqlUser" => "MySQL user",
"mysqlPassw" => "MySQL password",
"title" => "NPJ installation",
"databaseConf" => "Tuning DB",
"prefixDesc" => "the prefix of all tables, utilized NPJ. This povzvolyaet to you to start several knots NPJ, using one DB —  of altogether only they must indicate for them different prefixes.",
"prefix" => "prefix of tables",
"Continue" => "to continue",
"SiteConf" => "tuning of knot NPJ",
"nameDesc" => "the name of your knot. It contains only English letters and numbers. to <b>To replace it it will be then cannot.</b> Relate to the selection critically.",
"name" => "indicate the name of knot",
"npjtitleDesc" => "the name of your knot. Arbitrary phrase in any language.",
"npjtitle" => "indicate the name of knot",
"npjmailDesc" => "the address of the electronic mail of your knot. Specifically, this address will be indicated as the reverse in all letters, which it will send your knot.",
"npjmail" => "indicate email knot",
"baseDesc" => "base URL of your NPJ installation ",
"base" => "base URL",
"DBError" => "Indicated by you DB is not discovered. If you please, udostover'tes', that this BD exists!",
"TestSql" => "checking the parameters of connection with DB...",
"Testing Configuration" => "testing of tuning",
"Looking for database..." => "checking DB...",

"AdminConf" => "tuning of account of administrator",
"adminDesc" => "Select the name of administrator. It contains only English letters and numbers.",
"admin" => "name",
"passwDesc" => "select the password (not less than five symbols)",
"password" => "password",
"password2" => "The confirmation of password",
"mailDesc" => "The address of the electronic mail of administrator.",
"mail" => "Email",

"incorrect adminname" => "The name of administrator must contain only English letters and numbers.",
"incorrect email" => "Introduce the accurate address of electronic mail",
"passwords don't match" => "Passwords do not coincide, if you please, you will repeat the introduction of the password of administrator.",
"password too short" => "Password is too short.",
"name too short" => "The name of node is too short.",
"incorrect name" => "The name of node must contain only small English letters and numbers.",

"step" => "step",
"Installing Stuff" => "it is created BY DB...",
"failed" => "ERROR",
"writtenAt" => "it is preserved ",
"dontchange" => "",

"NextStep" => "at the following step of installer it will try to preserve the renovated configurative file,",
"MakeWrite" => "if you please, prover'te, which has a Web server sufficiently rights for changing the file; otherwise for you it is necessary to preserve changes by hand.",
"writing" => "<strong>We preserve the tuning</strong><br />\n",
"writing2" => "preserve configurative file",
"ready" => "<p>Hurra! Everything passed successfully. Now you can ",
"willready" => "<p>Afterward of that how you will correct these problems, you will be able",
"return" => "to switch over to your knot",
"warning" => "<span class=\"failed\">ATTENTION:</span> Configurative file",
"GivePrivileges" => "it cannot be preserved. You temporarily must give to the Web server of right to the record either to the folder, into which is established NPJ or to the empty files of <tt>config_tunes.php</tt> and <tt>config_db.php</tt> (<tt>touch config_tunes.php ; chmod 666 config_tunes.php</tt>; <tt>touch config_db.php ; chmod 666 config_db.php</tt>; do not forget to remove these rights after installation, t.e. <tt>chmod 644 config_tunes.php</tt>; <tt>chmod 644 config_db.php</tt>). If, for some reason or other, you cannot advance such rights, for you it is necessary to copy two pieces of text, located below, into the new files and to load them on server under the names of <tt>config_tunes.php</tt> and <tt>config_db.php</tt> in folder NPJ. Your knot must earn after this.",
"try again" => "to attempt again",

"apply rights" => "attempt to establish the rights of access to the folder ",
"apply rights yourself" => "you must independently establish access to the record to the folder ",
"adjust htaccess" => "the attempt to edit .htaccess",
"adjust htaccess yourself" => "you must independently create.htaccess in the folder of <tt>images/userpics</tt>, after placing in it the following text:",

"SecurityRisk" => "do not forget to remove right to a change in the files of <tt>config_tunes.php</tt> and <tt>config_db.php</tt> by Web server. If you this do not make, you they can \"to force open\"!",
"ForDetailsSee" => "",
"review" => "if you please, prover'te your tuning below.",
"langDesc" => "select language. It will be used in the process of installation, and it will also become language on silence in ustnovlennoy NPJ.",
"installed" => "is established NPJ version ",
"toUpgrade" => "we invite you <strong>to renew</strong> your NPJ to  ",
"langConf" => "tuning of language",
"lang" => "select language",
"VeryBad" => "we have large problems. The loss of data is possible. Urgently you ring to developers.",

"Creating table..." => "we create table %1...",
"Already exists?" => "��� ���������?",
"to" => "->",
"Adding some pages..." => "we add the initial collection of pages...",
"Hmm!" => "Hmm!",
"And table..." => "I table %1 (wait a little!)...",
"UrlConf" => "tuning of addressing",
"rewriteDesc" => "Rewrite-regime must be included, if you use mod_rewrite.",
"rewrite" => "Rewrite-regime",
"enabled" => "it is included",

"adding pages" => "we add new pages...",
"adding admin" => "we add administrative user...",
"newinstall" => "Since this is a new installation, installer tried itself to assume the necessary values. Change them, only if you understand, what you make!",


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