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This is a comment on Dev / Translations / da, posted by Skip Per at 2006-01-07 04:39:33
>> On the character set: I use ISO-8859�1, but actually would prefer to use UTF-8. I'm not sure how Wacko Wiki? handles UTF-8 however.

citing Roman, UTF-8 will be supported if Mysql 4.1 is more widely spread

>> In my opinion, Camel Case? words are OK, but the space between words makes them �ugly�. (maybe should be switched off as default?)

see wakka.config.php
�show_spaces� = > �Y�,
� to show spaces in WikiNames, e.g. MyName beeing displayed as My Name.
and turn it off, additionally look for �urls_underscores� = > �0�,, otherwise use ~ e.g. ~WackoWiki

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